PHP Forms

ScriptCase generates CRUD(CreateUpdateDelete) applications in a few clicks. It is also possible to add custom code to handle business rules and special validation routines.


PHP Editable Grid

The Editable Grid component enables multiple record editing simultaneously. It allows developers to create rich Master-Detail applications easily.


PHP Report

ScriptCase provides a dynamic way to show data: detailed, grouped, aggregated and many other ways with automatically calculated fields.


PHP Charts

ScriptCase automatically creates charts from your report's groups and totals; the final user can dynamically modify several chart's attributes, like type, colors , size ...


Custom code, macros and libraries

Applications generated with ScriptCase can be easily extended by adding custom code or by using any of the available ScriptCase macros.


Flash chart generation

New functionality to generate grid applications charts in Flash. Now is also possible to create applications that display only the chart without the need to navigate from grid data to the chart page.


Searching, sorting and browsing

ScritpCase allows the final user to search, sort and browse data dynamically. It is possible to create search pages to use with grids and forms.


PHP Master Detail

ScriptCase provides a visual way to create in a few clicks master/detail forms and reports using Ajax, transaction control and data integrity verification are automatically created.


Calendar Application

Use the Calendar application for creating and updating events directly in a database table, using drag and drop to move events.


Extensive Database Support

ScriptCase supports most used databases like MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, DB2, SQLite, ODBC, ADO, COM and others .


Multiple Database Connections

A generated application can use multiple databases of different types.


Interface development available in six languages

ScriptCase is already present in over 50 countries and this number grows every day. In this new version 6 languages are included for the development environment (Portuguese, English, Spanish, Italian, French and German) and 23 languages for the generated applications.



Generated applications have complete Internationalization support. Date and currency fields are dynamically modified at run time, labels and messages also can be modified on the fly by your final users.


Support RTL writing (Right to Left)

Support RTL writing used on Arabic languages.


Quick Search in application

Field in toolbar of grid applications to search in applications.


Field Google Maps

ScriptCase provides the creation of the fields with maps. Using the API of Google Maps in applications form and grid, using URL, Latitude and Longitude or fields in application.


Field Youtube

Field to the inclusion of youtube's videos in form and grid application.


Barcode Field

ScriptCase provides to create several types of barcode fields in Grid applications and Form applications


PHP Menus

Create dynamic horizontal and tree menus in a visual way to call other applications.


CONTAINER Application

Allows you to create pages in panel style which can be attached to several applications such as tables, queries, forms and external pages.


BLANK Application

With this application you can create PHP programs with the complete freedom and ease afforded by the use of ScriptCase macros


JavaScript methods

Allows you to create JavaScript methods that can be used within the Ajax events.


Ajax Features

Develop with Ajax through a set of Ajax features and services with no hard and complex hand coding.


JQUERY support

Thickbox to display images in original size and JQuery pop-up links - IntelliSense, optimizing the auto-complete AJAX and filters on the forms. In addition to the components introduced in this new version you can use all the power of jQuery to enhance generated applications.


Plugins JQUERY

ScriptCase allows developers to create listboxes, Ajax listboxes, auto-complete listboxes, radio buttons, checkboxes, navigation, lookups, customized fields validation, calendars, calculators and more.


Security Management and Role based Access Control

ScriptCase protects the generated applications by implementing a usefull set of security functions, you can easily create your own security rules.


Generation of multiple applications simultaneously

Now is possible to create multiple applications with one click, just choose the tables. We can develop, for example all entries of a basic system in a minute.


Object CAPTCHA for form and control applications

Allows you to add an object CAPTCHA to form and control applications.


Module to add security features to applications (RBAC)

This new feature allows you to automate access control to the applications (Role Based Access Control), creating maintenance programs implemented in applications, users and groups automatically.


Database Layer

The generated applications uses a database layer, allowing developers to create portable database applications with no hand coding.


Schemes Selection by End User in generated applications

Dynamic Schemes available to End User. The developer for each project can now define the themes or color schemes available to your users that can select at the applications, for example, on the system generated login screen which scheme to use to view applications.


Generating project diagram focusing on connections between applications

This new feature allows you to view all project applications on a chart and the relationship between objects.


Visual Styles

The generated applications use CSS for visual tuning. ScriptCase provides a visual way to edit all the objects and styles. Modify all your applications GUI in a few seconds.


Query Builder

ScriptCase provides a wizard to create SQL statements visually. Developers can easily select tables, fields, joins and test the created SQL commands.


Rich Text Editor (WYSIWYG)

A Powerful rich text editing (WYSIWYG) is available for use on your forms.


Sample Database

A Sample database is provided with the ScriptCase setup pack to help you get started.


Application Builder Wizard

With just a few clicks, developers can create complex WEB appications with dozens of features for reporting, data entry, infra structure and more.


Option to expand and collapse blocks

Expand & collapse option in blocks of generated applications.Now you can use an icon to display and hide the fields of the blocks in forms and grids.


Search within projects

With this new feature is easy, for example, to find an application that uses particular table or a field.


AUTOSAVE function in the development environment speeding up the development

New AUTO-SAVE option in the development environment enables more agile development.


Format as you type

Field formatting in real time.


Validation image

Display different icons upon successful or unsuccessful data validation results.


Exporting data

Easily create exporting reports to many output formats such as: HTML, PDF, CSV, XLS, XML and RTF with just one click.


File Upload Controls

For the forms applications there is a pre-defined and useful file upload control; you can easily upload pictures or any file type, from your created forms to a database or to a specific server's path.


Pay with PayPal

Control applications allow you to integrate your systems with Paypal.


LDAP Security

Security module using LDAP. Your developed applications integrated with your LAN administration.


Toolbar option on horizontal menus

There is an option on the menu application settings that allow you to build buttons like a toolbar.


Dynamic Group By

Generate several GroupBy rules in a Grid application and allow the end-user to choose and use the GroupBy rule he wants in real time.


Ajax in Grids

Grid applications have now the possibility of creating a onClick event over it's fields to process data through Ajax.


Multiple Upload Field

Option to create a Multiple Upload field with Progress Bar. Drag and Drop your favorite images to upload them instantly.


Mobile menu Support

The menu application will recognize when a mobile device is requiring access. It will change to a mobile-friendly style sheet automatically.


Modal Form on Editable Grid

Is possible to choose editing the record of an 'Editable Grid View' in a modal form.


SQL PDO Drivers

MySQL, PostgreSQL and MSSQL connection possibilities.


Social Integration

ScriptCase can integrate with social networks to establish an authentication and data-retrieve method.

Scriptcase supports the following database systems (depending on SC Edition purchased)


Scriptcase comes in 2 Editions, Professional and Enterprise. The main
differences between the two are the databases supported and whether
or not it can be used by multiple developers.

The Professional edition is single-developer only, and will only support
a single database system, unless the multi-database version is purchased
which will provide access to most of the "Open Source" database systems.
such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite and Access.

The Enterprise edition supports accessing ALL supported database
systems, including commercial ones such as MSSQL, Informix, DB2, etc.
It also supports multiple, simultaneous developers using a single
Scriptcase installation.